BTC Global REVIEW!! – Legit company? Or another SCAM?

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Hey everyone! Welcome back to another MLM review! The company we have on the block today is a fairly new company, only having been around since Dec of 2016.(or so you think!)

Although this is NOT a new company, merely a fresh name and email address. Re-birthed a-new from the older, more well-known Ponzi scheme by the company MMM(Mavrodi, Mavrodi, Melnikova) started way back in 1989.

If you want to take a closer look at who MMM are and what they have accomplished in the past 28 years, feel free! I am only going to be looking at BTC Global for now, as this is simply ONE of the many sites created off of their original scheme.. 😉

This review will go over the Company, the Products and the Cost to join!

So, here we go……….!

BTC Global Review! – The Company!

BTC Global Review

So, as usual, there is absolutely NO information on the BTC Global website regarding who RUNS or OWNS the company. Not surprised.

The website domain for BTC Global “” was created privately on December 20, 2016 so like I had said before fairly new..!

Another red light should be flashing in your mind right now!

According to online estimates from vendors such as ‘Alexa’ currently estimate that 83% of the traffic going to the BTC Global website, comes from Nigeria.

Which strongly suggests that the person running the company also comes from Nigeria.

BTC Global Review! – The Products!

BTC Global has NO products or services to be sold.

You will only be Marketing and Selling BTC Global Affiliate memberships.

BTC Global Review! – Compensation Plan!

So, we have all seen this before…

And if you haven’t then this is what it looks like…

When you join BTC Global and participate in their compensation plan you must gift bitcoin to each-other through the 2X5 Matrix.

Which places YOU at the top of a matrix, that has TWO positions directly underneath you..

Those two positions are then split into their own groups of two and so on..

The first two positions in your Matrix comprise the first level..

Those two are then split into their own groups of two, comprising your second level.

Subsequent levels are created in the same way, up to FIVE levels.

Each level of the Matrix, of course, works as it’s own independent ‘Cash gifting tier’.

An affiliate just starting out must gift 0.02 BTC to their sponsor.

Which qualifies them to receive the same amounts gifted to them, by the first two affiliates sponsored into their matrix..

Unlocking the second level of your Matrix will require another Gifting payment..

The amounts Gifted and received are as follows:

  • Level 1 – Gift 0.02 BTC to the affiliate who recruited you and receive 0.02 BTC from 2 subsequently recruited affiliates
  • 2nd Level – Gift 0.03 BTC and receive 0.03 BTC from 4 affiliates
  • 3rd Level – Gift 0.1 BTC and receive 0.1 BTC from 8 affiliates
  • 4th Level – Gift 0.6 BTC and receive 0.6 BTC from 16 affiliates
  • 5th Level – Gift 5 BTC and receive 5 BTC from 32 affiliates

Gifting payments, paid and received, recur every 45 days.

BTC Global Review! – Cost to Join BTC Global!

This being the “gifting” scheme that it is, will require you to “Gift” 0.02 BTC (bitcoin) every 45 days to the person who sponsored you. In USD that’s $18.14 as of today.

To fully participate and get the ‘returns’ you have been promised will cost you 5.75 BTC every 45 days! (5.75 BTC = $5,215.14 USD)

BTC Global Review! – VERDICT!

What is my verdict on BTC Global??


This is merely just another one of MANY cash gifting Schemes..

Any company that is pushing affiliate memberships ONLY is never a good thing to spend your money on, unless you feel good about making a bit of cash by duping others into joining..

There is SOOO many of these companies and programs popping up that it is really hard to know which is which..

Stay vigilant and keep on Researching and Reading as many reviews as you can and you will have no problem discerning whether or not a company is worth diving into with all your might!

What do YOU recommend Travis?

Having researched, reviewed, joined and abandoned so many “New, Extraordinary, One of a kind, Brand NEW” systems or programs, you learn to look for certain things..

Reading this review will have given you all the information needed to make a decision..

A good decision!

A SMART decision that isn’t just based on “What if..??!”


When you see so many people thriving and making a real living! Learning and succeeding because they have the support and structure of a company that follows through with what they promise..

You tend to take notes and start doing what it is they are doing 😉

Thanks for checking out my review and don’t forget to check out my #1 Recommendation on the main page!


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