EasyCash4Ads Review! Is this another Scam Or is it Legit!? Find out!

Hey everyone, welcome to my EasyCash4Ads review!

If you are reading this review right now then you are obviously a VERY smart person..

Someone who does research and comes to conclusions based on LOGIC and NOT Hype! Which, I admit, is VERY hard not to do..

Especially with soooooo many new MLM companies, offering MILLIONAIRE status, suddenly appearing as if from thin air..

Deciding which ones are legit is exactly why we’re here right now!

So lets dive right into the meat and potatoes of this review and find out just what EasyCash4Ads is, the Products, the Compensation Plan and the Cost to Join.

EasyCash4Ads Review- About the Company Easy Cash 4 Ads Review

On the actual website for EasyCash4Ads.com I was unable to find ANYTHING in regards to who Runs it or who even Owns it.

The Company Website Domain was registered on October 29th, 2016 as “easycash4ads.com” listing Craig Haywood as the Owner, Registrant, Administrative and Technical Contact having an address based in South Africa, which gives me the feeling that that is where it is run from.

Although hailing himself as a “marketer, author, programmer, speaker (and) coach” on his Twitter feed, this seems to be the first real shot he has taken as an owner of an MLM.

Legitimate or otherwise.

Haywood has been in the MLM business industry since 2005 making this as I said his first real crack at the MLM ownership biz.

EasyCash4Ads Review – The product!!

First and foremost, there is no retail product or service.

The only thing you will be marketing and selling is Affiliate memberships into the EasyCash4Ads system.

So you will be singing people up in the hopes that they sign more people up, to get you your $10 commissions.

So on and so forth…

EasyCash4Ads Review – $ Compensation Plan $

This is what everyone wants to find out about FIRST… Of course!

This is why you are even CONSIDERING joining with this “amazing opportunity of a lifetime”, “Unstoppable income” system!

So if you scrolled down, skipping all the other “details” then that’s ok too, so here we goo…

Affiliates who feel like becoming part of the EasyCash4Ads Compensation plan must first gift $10  to their sponsor. Through their “2-UP” model that is tracked by a Uni-level compensation format.

Uni-level compensation formats place an affiliate at the Top of a “team”, where all the affiliates who were personally sponsored by you are placed into your First level…

New affiliates from your Level-1 team are placed into your Second level…

Also, new affiliates who are brought in by your Level-2 team are placed into your Third level and so on, and so on…

All affiliates who are brought in must gift $10 to the affiliate who sponsored them.

Which leaves the “2-UP” model of the gifting component, having every affiliate passing upwards, payments from their first two sign-ups..

Which obligates those sponsored affiliates to pass upwards the gifting payments from their first two registered affiliates, and so on..

The First two payments are always “passed up” on ALL levels of the Uni-level team in this format.

What does it COST to join EasyCash4Ads?

To become a registered affiliate with “EasyCash4Ads” it’s going to cost you $19.

$9 from every new sign-up is sent for Administration Fees, leaving the $10 Gift that goes to the person who sponsored you.

What is the VERDICT??!

First problem I don’t like this company for, is a simple reason … THEY DON’T HAVE ANY PRODUCTS OR SERVICES!!

You are merely a big group of people paying each-other $10!! Who get more people to join to pay each-other $10…

Which is my Second problem, you have to Gift payments to OTHER MEMBERS.

Third problem I have with this company is they’re using Ad Credits to justify something that the Government doesn’t look to kindly on..

“Gifting payments” policies are the reason companies like ‘Traffic Monsoon’ are STILL in the middle of a lawsuit, RIGHT NOW!

On the face of it this looks GREAT, ah man $10! that’s it! and I’ll have the chance to get 100 other people to give me $10 and so on…

This isn’t a “business”. It’s not providing a product or service, not even a knowledge based product or service, it’s just a bunch of people giving someone $10!

Advertising on their site is useless also, because all the traffic is coming from EXISTING MEMBERS..

You need Fresh Leads to make sales that matter and continue to matter in the future to more then just the one guy, at the top, reaping all the benefits…

You might make a bit of cash in the beginning, sure, but if you want a lasting business that will make you money for years to come without having to worry about whether it’s legit or not?

I suggest you go somewhere else…

What do you recommend, Travis??

After reviewing AND falling victim to quite a few businesses and Systems over the past few years I’d have to go with my #1 Recommendation, which is on the sidebar of my homepage!

It’s seriously, the only system where you will learn how to build a business online with the right training, tools and one-on-one coaching… for REAL?

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Here’s some results from some people I know!

DA Test 1

DA Test 2

DA Test 3

Thank you for taking the time to check out my review! I hope it is what you were looking for!


Travis Caston